We Proudly Represent the Following Manufacturers:

Carrier is internationally known for its pioneering work in the field of vibratory technology. For over 60 years, Carrier has developed processing equipment to meet the needs of a broad range of industries including chemicals, synthetics, foundry, glass, food, explosives, wood, coal, metals, pharmaceuticals, scrap and recycling.

  • Vibrating Bin Dischargers
  • Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers
  • Tornesh Dryers, Flash Dryers
  • Vibrating Conveyors and Feeders

Heyl Patterson offer custom-engineered, energy-efficient solutions for drying, cooling, and calcining requirements. They produce innovative thermal processing equipment that handle powders and bulk solids for the chemical, mineral, food, catalyst, metals, and biomass industries.

  • Rotary Dryers
  • Calciners
  • Thermal Processors

S.Howes designs and manufactures processing equipment for a wide range of industry – from food, forestry, and cannabis to natural gas and oil - while providing customized solutions.

  • Mixers and Blenders
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Separating Systems
  • Feeders
  • Knife Cutters
  • Filtration Systems

Sly Inc. offers most major industrial dust collection technologies and designs, which enables us to recommend the best technology for any application.

  • Bag Houses
  • Wet Scrubbers
  • Loading Spouts

Dynamic Air Inc. specializes in pneumatic conveying of dry bulk solids for the processing industries and manufactures equipment and systems for handling a wide range of dry bulk materials from silica sand to sugar.

  • 16 Different Pneumatic Conveying Concepts
  • Transporters

Kanthal is a world-leader in providing a complete portfolio of heating elements and modular heating systems for high temperature applications ranging from medical to renewable energy. They produce the world's highest temperature electric gas heater and have developed a range of high temperature construction materials.

  • Toll Processing
  • Ladle Heaters
  • Heating Elements
  • Flow Heaters
  • Furnace Products